The Most Versatile Material

It’s amazing when you drive through the streets of Bangkok and you see Bamboo scaffolding on a building. Growing up in London I only ever considered it as an ugly but necessary bunch of steel that was going to be an eyesore until it was done. Then again, London, like most cities in the world, is very rarely ‘done’.

But the thing I love is sustainability, and looking at the builders putting up their bamboo for the day ahead, I could see that just maybe they were doing something right. It’s strong, dependable and if you need some more, well, just grow some more. No need to dig anything out of anywhere or carry big steel poles around with you.

That’s why I started withBamboo. A love for its versatility, whether it’s in a building site somewhere on the sides of Bangkok to holding up a bar in Bali, or helping you make your dinner at your house, whatever you need, you can likely make it, or part of it, out of bamboo.

Check out our beautiful range. Not currently including scaffolding, but you never know maybe we’ll get there eventually.

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